What is a Baptist?

B Believer’s BaptismBecause we believe that becoming a Christian is a conscious decision, we baptize only those who have made that decision.

A Authority of Scripture - All authority in matters of faith and practice comes directly from the Bible. Baptists have no creeds. We have only confessions of faith.

P Priesthood of All Believers - One stands directly before God with no intermediary save Jesus Christ, the great high priest. It also means that we priest (minister to) one another.

T Total Religious Freedom -No agency or government may dictate to anyone what must be believed or practiced in one’s religion.

I Independence of Local Churches - The center of life for Baptists is the local congregation. Conventions and Associations exist at the pleasure of the churches, not to control the churches.

S Symbolic Ordinances - Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are symbols of inward and invisible grace.  They have no power in or of themselves but they represent the work of God in Christ.

T Total Lordship of Jesus Christ - The profession of the earliest Christians was “Jesus is Lord!” Jesus is the clearest picture of God. We look to Jesus to know God.